Posted on
Jul 26, 2021

Home & Family Video (July 26)

Jen appeared on today’s episode of “Home & Family” discussing Camp Christmas In July. Watch the video below.

Posted on
Jul 24, 2021

“DAYS” Stills

I’ve added 11 stills from Jen’s time on “Days of Our Lives” as Theresa Donovan. Check them out in the gallery for a fun flashback!

Posted on
Jul 13, 2021

Website Revamp

Hi all! As you can see the main website has had a little bit of a revamp. We’re no longer using social media for the website so bookmark the site and check back regularly for new updates. The website itself is never going anywhere!

I’ve recently added a lot of new photos to the gallery – mostly event photo additions.

If you haven’t yet make sure to check out Jen’s “Christmas Is Not Cancelled: Camp Christmas In July” campaign to fill 2021 backpacks for foster kids going back to school — you can also win up to $25,000 in prizes by helping the campaign.

Check out their YOUTUBE video to meet the founders of “Christmas Is Not Cancelled”.