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Lights, Camera, Action: Iris Interviews Jen Lilley

Honestly, I’m a bit stage fright.  I hate the feeling of knowing I’m being watched in the moment. Of course, I know that the camera’s film will be seen by many, but in my mind, it’s just capturing a real life moment in the life of my character. It’s lovely.

A Sunday extra: How Jen Lilley landed her “General Hospital” part

I called my manager, Mitch Clem, afterward and he goes, “So how did it go?” I said, “To be honest, I did what I went in to do, but I’m not sure whether Mark loved it, or if I just scared the ever loving bejesus out of him, and he’ll never see me again!” So Mitch called Mark, and Mark said he liked it, but he didn’t think I was the perfect fit for the role. He said he would definitely remember me and call me in for a different role.

UVa graduate gains notice in Hollywood

“It was surprisingly fun,” Lilley said. “I remember going into the audition thinking, ‘What is this?’ ” But she quickly found her footing and bonded with her colleagues.

“[On] what other show are you going to be able to play twenty kooky characters? It was like a family. I actually cried when we wrapped.”


Jen Lilley learning to handle slings and arrows of Hollywood fame

“The other day, I was getting pie [in] downtown L.A., and the waitress recognized me. I told her to sit down and have some pie with me. So she did, and we chatted for a good thirty minutes. That was fun.”

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