Five foot three Jen Lilley is a ray of sunshine, a woman who believes the glass is always half full. Jen was born on August 4 in Roanoke, Virginia to parents Vince (a judge) and Ellen (a director of marketing/event planner). Jen is one of four siblings (she has one sister and two brothers). In high school, Jen owned and operated a wedding cake business from her parents kitchen. Since childhood Jen wanted to become a singer.

Jen attended the University of Virginia for college (she graduated in 2007) where she had her first taste of acting. She did a bit of theater work but found she suffered from stage fright. She kept seeing posters advertising open call auditions for the film “The Loss of Life”. “Finally, I made up my mind, and decided why not? I thought, if I don’t audition, it’s an automatic no, but if I audition and then they say no, then I really haven’t lost anything,” Jen said. Auditions were closed after Jen’s as the director knew he’d found his star. On set for “The Loss of Life” Jen realized she’d been missing the camera all her life. As she says, “I LOVE film! It’s so intimate and real.”

In 2007 Jen moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Her first television role came on ‘Hannah Montana’ as a Swim Suit Model. She went on to book a contract part on ‘Ingles Ya!’ as Sirena and guest starring spots on shows such as ‘Two and a Half Men’, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Castle’. Next came a season on ‘Disaster Date’ where she played a variety of characters unnerving blind dates. She also booked roles in films such as “Flicker” and “Head Over Spurs”.

In 2010, Jen booked a spot in the film “The Artist”. “The Artist” is a silent movie set in 1927, a period Jen personally loves (“I love Hollywood’s Golden era. The 20s and 30s were such an integral part of what we still call entertainment today”). Her role of the “Onlooker” was specifically written in for her and is one of the few speaking parts in the film. Jen regularly praises the experience and the film and is grateful to have been a part of such an important film.

2011 brought ‘General Hospital’ to Jen’s life. Jen originally auditioned for the role of the ‘Woman in White’ (also known as Cassandra). In describing the role and the audition Jen says “It was bar none, the weirdest role I had ever come across. She was basically “maybe” an angel, who came out of the woods one day with amnesia, and she was mysterious and powerful, and had the ability to draw men in like a moth to flame. So I went in for that role, I put extensions in my hair and wore a long white whimsical gown, and barely moved, and I locked eyes with Mark the entire time. I felt insane, to be honest. And when I got up to leave, I even said, “Thank-you for your time Mark, good-bye,” and backed out of the room, staring at him.” After the audition, she was unsure of whether casting director Mark Teschner loved it or hated it. As it turns out, Mark liked her audition but didn’t think she was fit for the role. Six weeks after her audition, a casting call was released for a “25ish, sexy, hip, quirky, has vitality, charisma and personality” female. Jen’s reel was submitted to Mark and she was one of eight girls selected to audition for producers. Unfortunately, the night before the audition, Jen got super ill and almost cancelled the audition. As the story goes, Jen booked the part which she found was a temporary re-cast for the character Maxie Jones. Six months later Jen has settled into the role of Maxie on ‘General Hospital’ and is making a name for herself with the fans. “It was that fast. It was insane, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Jen is currently working on ‘General Hospital’ and regularly auditioning for new roles… so if you see a woman who looks like her on your tv screen it just might be! 😉 Jen typically gets up too early during the day (due to LA traffic) and gets a Starbucks latte. Jen enjoys being on sets and says she is a bit of a method actor, so her mood on set varies with who her character is. Jen supports multiple water related charities and donates half of her income to charities. She would title her autobiography “Heart Ablaze”.

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