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Catch Jen as identical twins Jessica Klint & Alessandra Banks in Lifetime’s “Twin Betrayal” on April 8th at 8 est.

A struggling single mother, in the midst of a fierce custody battle, is framed for the murder of her wealthy father by her ambitious identical twin.

Screencaps from the above preview can be found in our gallery.

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Catch Jen as Aubrey Lewis in Lifetime’s “Evil Doctor” on April 7th at 8 est.

Matt and Aubrey, a young and successful show business couple, are having their first child. Based on a friend’s recommendation, they go to the best OBGYN in Los Angeles, Dr. Natalie Barnes. She is gorgeous, fit, and intelligent… but Natalie is not the hero she seems to be. She switches sonograms and lies to Aubrey about her needing bed rest, effectively putting Aubrey out of the picture as she attempts to seduce Matt. Dr. Barnes has been repeatedly failing to get pregnant and has her sights set on Aubrey’s baby.

Screencaps from the above preview can be found in our gallery.

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Catch Jen as Luna in Hallmark’s “Harvest Love” opposite Ryan Paevey on September 30th at 9 pm est.

A widowed surgeon visits her family’s pear orchard in hopes of taking a break from her overbooked life and reconnecting with her distant son. She starts to fall for the farm manager, Will, who is growing a new hybrid pear and teaches her the importance of her heritage.

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Gallery Additions: Harvest Love (186 photos)

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Jen’s friend Kelly Kruger challenged her to workout with her for her blog and they’ve released a video from the work out.

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February 10 – Appearing on Home & Family

Clips of Jen’s interview and other segments from Home & Family can be viewed on their website.

Screencaps from her episode of Home & Family will be added this weekend. In the meantime, don’t forget to catch her on A Dash of Love tomorrow on Hallmark!

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Catch a sneak peek of Jen’s last week on DAYS and what’s coming up for the rest of Salem this fall.

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