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Magazine Cover Alert: Fashion Couture Magazine
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Jen is on the cover of the August issue of Fashion Couture Magazine. There’s a gorgeous photo spread included, which you can see a preview of on their facebook. Order your copy in digital or print at magcloud.


Magazine Interviews: ABC Soaps In Depth + Soap Opera Digest
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Jen has feature interviews in the current issues of both ABC Soaps In Depth (August 19) and Soap Opera Digest (August 12) on news stands now! :) I’ve included preview shots of the interviews below, scans up when they’re off news stands… make sure to pick up a copy for yourself and send a thank you to the magazines for the interviews!

ABCSID Aug 19 2013

ABC Soaps In Depth

sod aug 12 2013

Soap Opera Digest Interview
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Categories: Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths, Days of Our Lives, Interviews How is it different creating your own character on “DOOL” versus stepping into a known character like Maxie on “General Hospital?”

Lilley: It’s a huge relief. At the same time there is a Herculean task ahead of me because I don’t do drugs. At all. I believe in abstinence. I am the polar opposite of Theresa, so that in and of itself is very scary and challenging for me. I’m constantly watching these amazing documentaries from the UK where they show people getting high on any drug you can put on YouTube, so I’m always watching people do drugs and just studying. So it is scary for me, but at the same time there is this huge relief that comes with it. I feel like I am part of something and I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes. And right now I just have to focus on acting and make sure I’m not overplaying or underplaying the drugs and how people like that act. It’s fun, but it has its own challenges. Any drama when Theresa’s mom heads to town?

Lilley: Oh, so much drama. I’m so excited about the scenes. Patsy Pease is amazing. I have been watching the clips, and her nonverbal acting with her eyes – she is like Bradford Anderson [Spin, "General Hospital"]. She is just amazing and I’m really excited about that. Any other projects you are working on right now that we can look forward to?

Lilley: There is a comedy series I’m still working on called “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths,” so it is about the ins and outs of dating in LA, but I think anyone in the country can relate to it with all of the online dating. It’s just very blunt and bold comedy. Other than that, we’ll see what comes during hiatus week. But I’ll always be working on something. I don’t like to stay still.

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Jen Lilley on Life at DAYS OF OUR LIVES and Playing Theresa Donovan
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WE LOVE SOAPS: I re-watched all of Theresa’s scenes this morning and my favorites were probably the ones with Jennifer in her office. Soap actors have to work so hard to memorize lines and get things done quickly. It dawned on me that you probably have to work very hard to play such a convincing slacker?
JEN LILLEY: [Laughs] You know, it’s not the slacker part that’s tricky to me, it’s just the evil, the nasty. Who is this person? I know people like her exist but figuring out what makes her tick, and being as promiscuous as she is, is tricky for me to be honest. But I couldn’t ask for a better character.

WE LOVE SOAPS: This is the first time we’ve spoken, but my perception in following you online and reading and watching interviews is you seem like such a sweet, genuine person. So where do you get your inspiration for playing a character like Theresa?
JEN LILLEY: I watch a lot of movies. I’m a sweet dork from Virginia. I bake bread a lot. [Laughs]

I’m not Theresa at all, so I watch documentaries about drugs, and a lot of European documentaries, because they don’t have as many regulations as we do here in the States. I have a Theresa memo on my phone because I’m nerdy with all these movies – and a lot of Scorsese. I watched Casino and studied Sharon Stone’s performance in that. So I’m watching a lot of movies and literally taking notes like a nerd.

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Q&A: Jen Lilley of ‘Days of Our Lives’ gets feisty
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Where does Theresa lie on that fine line between troubled and dangerous?
I don’t know yet. I’m just starting to get into scenes where I’m like, “Holy Moly! This character is something else.” I’m still learning. I’ve got some scripts here in my dressing [room] and I can’t want to see where this is going. I love the writers, because I never know what’s going to happen.

If you could give Theresa a piece of advice, what would it be?
Crank up the heat. Keep going. I love it! She cannot get evil enough for me.

What if she was one of your girlfriends?
I’d say, “Honey, go to rehab!” And I would drive her there.

Viewers are anxious to see Theresa find a romantic interest: Who would you like to see her paired with?
Right now, I’m all about Dr. Dan. Shawn Christian (Daniel) is a fine specimen of a man! It would also be interesting if she got with Cameron or whoever Abby’s love interest is. If she’s going to be messing with JJ and Jennifer, why not Abby too? She should mix it up with the whole Horton family! There are no unattractive men here: I’m game for whatever. I just hope I don’t have to sleep with Victor Kiriakis. That’s kind of a hazing initiation into the Donavan-Brady sorority. Everybody’s slept with Victor!

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Daytime Royalty Interview
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Daytime Royalty: Can you talk us through how you got the role of Theresa?

Jen Lilley: I’m not one hundred percent sure how it began. I’ve known Marnie Saitta for about five and a half years. I met her when I first moved to LA, and we’ve kept in touch, which I appreciate a lot. I know that Ken Corday and some of the other execs were familiar with who I was from General Hospital. Also, Lisa DeCazotte’s husband was one of the producers on The Artist, which I was in. I had met Lisa at a party and talked to her. So I knew a lot of people were aware of me. I also knew Ari Zucker from some charity work we had done together, and I know that she called Marnie and put my name in. I’m not sure whether they called my agent. There were actually two characters that came out: Theresa, and the character that Chrishell Stause is playing. Chrishell and I both went out for both characters, and it was kind of weird since we were both auditioning for two very different characters at the same time.

I got to skip the first audition, which is called a pre-read and is an audition to audition. So then I auditioned with everyone else, and I got to do my screentest twice, which is very unusual. I was the only girl who got to do that, so I went first and last. The reason they had me do it twice is that I wore my hair curly, and I have a really young face, and they said that I looked too sweet and innocent and young with the curly hair. So they straightened my hair and had me do it again. On the second take, I knew that I had nothing to lose. I had already done a perfect first take, and they told me it wasn’t going to get better than that so I could do whatever I wanted. I just did everything out of the box, and that’s what got me the job. I mean I took the guy’s shirt off in the scene! I told the actor that this is a character with no concept of personal space, so I asked him if it’s ok if I touch him. He said that was fine and it was my screentest. So I took his shirt off and I threw some props at him at the end. I broke all the rules, and I think [the casting staff] thought, that is that character.

Continue reading…. Interview: On DOOL and GH
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Can you tell me more about your character on Days of our Lives?

JL: Yes! Theresa as we just found out, is Jeannie Donovan, Shane and Kimberly’s daughter – which is super exciting for me on a personal note because I think Patsy Pease is amazing and The Nanny is my favorite show of all time. The fact that Mr. Sheffield is my dad freaks me out! I was having a little bit of a fan girl moment when they told me that. But she’s got daddy issues because anyone who knows the storyline of Shane & Kimberly knows that Shane is a spy and he wasn’t around when Theresa was growing up. So she has daddy issues and is very promiscuous because of it and I think the writers have done a really great job as far as grounding the character in psychologic reality because that is really common with girls who don’t have father figures. So she’s on the wrong side of the track and the whole family is trying to help her. Of course, often people who need help don’t want to be helped. She’s super fun, she’s a piece of work. She’s delectable, a little bit evil and she’s sassy. I’ve never played a character like that, so I’m having a lot of fun!

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Life + Dog: July/August 2013 Cover
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Jen and Lucy are featured on the July/August 2013 cover of “Life + Dog” magazine. We’ll hopefully have scans soon, contact us if you can donate them.