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Jen Joining Youthful Daze Season 3
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Jen Lilley and Brittany Underwood will soon be mixed up in the deceit, power struggles, and drama at Westfield Prep, the fictional school at the center of the popular teen web soap Youthful Daze.

Teen soap Youthful Daze is currently enjoying a successful second season. Two familiar faces who will soon be walking the halls of Westfield Prep may boost the show’s popularity even further. Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan, Days of our Lives; ex-Maxie Jones, General Hospital) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston Wilde, One Life to Live) will be joining the show. Both actresses will be series regulars starting in season three.

Lilley will play Natalie Cardin, Oliver’s (Easton Schirra) sister who cut all ties with her family and left town a few years ago. Natalie’s return to town will shake up her family and the show in a big way. Underwood will take on the role of Sheila Edmundson, described as “a rebel without a cause,” who Becca (Sarah Hester) meets in rehab.

Youthful Daze, which promises to introduce viewers to “the kids your parents warned you about,” revolves around students at the fictional Westfield Prep, a high school governed by money and power and where deceit, drama, and temptation lurk in every corner.

Season two of the series, which won a 2014 Best Writing & Best Premise/Concept for a Soap Opera award at the 2014 LA Web Series Festival, is currently airing at Production on the next season is already underway, and season three is set to premier August 31st and run for 42 weeks straight.

This new role will mean double duty for Lilley, who started airing as Theresa Donovan on DAYS on July 3, 2014. Underwood has, among other things, been busy with former OLTL costar Kristen Alderson promoting, a business that will offer deals for dog owners while raising money for animal shelters and rescue groups. You can listen to the two discuss the project on the May 9, 2014, episode of Soap Central Live.

Youthful Daze also stars: Bryan James, Ethan Daniel Corbett, Easton Schirra (Tristan, GH), Daniel Kountz, Jessica Osgood, Ash Nair, Sarah Hester, Paul Vandervort, and David Loren. Guest stars include Kami Koren (Amy Chenoweth, Days of our Lives), Heidi Kerring (The Bold and the Beautiful), Riccardo LeBron, Kristen Deluca, and Mike C. Manning.

New episodes of the series air every Sunday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST at (Source)

Interview: Daytime Emmy Awards
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Screencaps – June 22 – Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet (3)

Interview: Good Day (June 2014)
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Screencaps: Good Day (June 2014)

Interview: Stars & Stripes Celebration
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
Screencaps: July 2 – Stars & Stripes Celebration

Soap Opera Network’s Emmy Interview
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Soap Opera Network: You look stunning!

Lilley: Thank you. It takes a village, you know.

With you, I doubt it! Who’s the designer of your dress?

Lilley: The designer of the gown in Mac Duggal and my jewelry is by Charlie Lapson, and then my bag was my grandmother’s, so it’s vintage and sentimental.

How nice! Is that a good luck charm for your show?

Lilley: Sure, I hope so!

What made you choose this dress?

Lilley: You know, until today, I had no idea which dress I was going to wear. I was working with Greg LaVoy, and I’ll be wearing his dresses to some upcoming award shows, but I always love timeless with a twist. I love the very classic Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly type looks.

Can you walk me through your day today?

Lilley: I’ve had the best morning. It’s been so stress free. I was watching “Orange is the New Black” until 4:00 am, and then I went to sleep, got up at 11:00, did a couple of chores around the house, washed my hair, shaved my legs and I went to the studio and they made me look like a human. It was great. (Source)

Charity Auction: Autographed Script & Video Chats with Jen!
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Bid on an autographed DAYS script or one of two video chats with Jen to benefit Mental Fitness, Inc. The auctions run until 6 pm est on July 13th.

 EDIT: I’ve “sticky-ed” this post at the top of the updates until July 13th. Please scroll down to see our most recent updates.

Interview: Daytime Emmys Nominee Dinner
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
June 19 – Daytime Emmys Nominee Dinner

June 28: Georgia Concert Event
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Human trafficking is often a problem that people imagine happening somewhere else — not in their own backyard.

But two organizations are working together to try and change that perspective.

SoWeGa Art Performance, based in Sumner, has partnered with ONEless Ministries for a benefit fundraiser June 28 to bring awareness to this issue.

With recent busts for human trafficking in both Savannah and Atlanta, this issue is not one that happens “somewhere else” anymore.

June’s benefit will provide a concert by the SoWeGa Art students, and educational information on human trafficking and slavery. Leslie Overby, U.S. Operations Director for ONEless Ministries, will be in attendance to help provide some of this information.

“Our main focus for the benefit is to raise awareness about human trafficking and slavery,” said Duckworth, “But we will also provide information on adoption grants, finding homes for orphans, and poverty.”

The event will be hosted by WFXL morning show host Kelly D’Ambrosio and “Days of Our Lives” actress Jen Lilley.

Lilley, whose credits include numerous network show appearances, including spots on “Castle” and “Criminal Minds,” currently plays resident bad girl Theresa Donovan on the NBC soap opera.

Duckworth, a fan of the show, felt drawn to Lilley, and reached out to her management team.

“I can’t explain it, but every time I watched her on screen, I just thought, ‘There is something different about this girl. The way she projected herself and delivered her lines — she just stuck out to me,’ ” Duckworth recalled. “I looked her up on Google and saw all of the charities that she supports — it just seemed like a sign.”

“So, I thought, ‘Why not ask? The worst that can happen is that they will say no.’ “

But that was not the case. Within one day of sending an email to Lilley’s manager with information about the event, Duckworth received an email saying, “Jen said yes! Hope you have a blessed Easter!”

“Lilley and her team have been so nice to work with, and I’m so glad she is going to be a part of it,” Duckworth said.

A raffle will be held at the event for one winner to receive a special meet-and-greet brunch with Lilley, to take place June 29, one day after the event. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to charity.

The concert will take place June 28 at 7 p.m. at the Old Sumner School Building, located at 706 Walnut St. in Sumner. Doors open at 6 p.m., with a preshow at 6:30 p.m.

“The event is free, but we are hoping to raise funds and awareness for this cause.” said Duckworth. “This is an event the whole family can enjoy, and hopefully gain some new perspective on this danger.”

“It’s something that affects everyone, and we need to know how to deal with it.”

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