Catch Jen tonight as Kimberly Bains in Lifetime’s tv movie “Mommy, I Didn’t Do It” at 8 est.

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“Days of our Lives” actress Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) appears in the November 11 episode of “The Encounter” from Pure Flix. “The Encounter” series is based on the popular movies of the same name. The series follows individual life stories and illustrates how an unexpected experience with Jesus Christ can shift lives into a new and purposeful direction.

In the episode “Just Believe,” Lilley plays Nora. Little else is known about the plot of her episode or her character at this point. Lilley talked to Pure Flix about how her faith influences her acting. “With acting you can’t really predict what you’re going to do, so to be able to trust the Lord and say, you know, I really take this serious, and I really want to represent you, because I want people to know that you are real, that this is a relationship, it’s real. And I experienced it. Being on set and organically being able to do something and bring words to life and portray a character is really special, and I attribute all that to trusting in the Lord,” says Lilley. (Source)

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Jen’s got a fun new product you can now purchase! Buy her candle with the “Autumn Delight” scent. Each candle sells for $14.99 and can be purchased by clicking here.

“Fall in love with Fall and fill your home with the scent of MY favorite memories. My pumpkin spice candle will take you on a SCENT-ual journey and fill your home with feelings of family, friends, cuddly sweaters, and warmth. Shining Sol really captured the essence of home!” — Jen Lilley

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Jen nabbed a guest role on ABC’s GREY’S ANATOMY, playing a character named Kara. “It was incredible to guest star GREY’S ANATOMY!” says Lilley. It’s my parents’ favorite show, so they were beyond thrilled!” Coincidentally, Lilley learned that Co-Executive Producer Andy Reaser, who was the head writer of her episode, hails from her hometown, Roanoke, VA. “I didn’t know Andy before I worked on GREY’S, but his brother-in-law, Todd O’Brien owns O’Brien’s Deli in Salem, VA,” shares Lilley.  “I grew up eating their sandwiches. My family loves the O’Briens. I’ve known them since I was 9-years-old. They even have my head shot up in their deli. It’s crazy! Andy and I had a blast laughing about the fact that we went to rival high schools. It’s rare to meet people from Virginia in this industry, but to be from the same hometown blew my mind!” Lilley’s episode airs  October 6. (Source)

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Pure Flix has Crossing Streets available for streaming now. Check it out here. To view the movie you must have an account with Pure Flix, but if you don’t you can sign up for a free one month trial on their site!! Make sure to check it out.

Preview Preview Preview Preview
Crossing Streets: Screencaps

Thanks to my friend Jess for making the screencaps for our website.

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Jen Lilley (Theresa, DAYS), Paige Searcy (Jade, DAYS) and Heather Tom (Katie, B&B) are shooting the Lifetime TV-movie, MOMMY, I DIDN’T DO IT. “I play the lead prosecutor from the D.A.’s office and Paige Searcy’s character is the one being prosecuted,” shares Lilley. “I met Heather Tom yesterday. We had lunch together. She’s great.” Also in the movie are Danica McKellar (THE WONDER YEARS) and Jaleel White (FAMILY MATTERS). “Yesterday was my birthday,” says Lilley. “Never in my wildest dreams as a kid did I think that I would be working with Winnie Cooper and Urkel on my birthday. It was fun!” (Source)

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“It is with bittersweet sentiment that I find myself making this statement 6 months too soon. First, I would like to say your comments, support, and well wishes regarding my recent departure from the iconic daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, have melted my heart. Second, I have never enjoyed playing a character so much. I absolutely love Theresa, and the idea of not playing her pains me. I once found a quote that perfectly describes her, “She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, you can see it in her eyes.” Exploring Theresa, from her insecurities to her strengths, from her tendency to deflect emotional anguish with comedy to her firecracker spirit has been pure joy.

I hate to dissatisfy our love for black and white explanations, but there’s no one to point your finger at here. Days of Our Lives and I are parting company on the best of terms. It came down to time and the sacrifices required to keep Theresa on the front burner. Given the demanding production schedule a soap requires, that just wasn’t possible with the other commitments and opportunities I wanted to pursue. As we all know in the world of soaps, good bye for now isn’t always good bye forever, who knows what the future has in store for Theresa.

I am taking time right now to be with my family, advance the charitable causes I believe in, and pursue additional career opportunities. While I’ve missed so many moments in my family’s lives back east, I have built a west coast family at Days of Our Lives, and they haven’t seen the last of me! I’ll be stopping by the set from time to time with baked goods and bear hugs.

Lastly, cheer up! There are 6 more wonderful months of Theresa to enjoy. And I can honestly say that each month, the storyline gets better! My exit will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, cheering, screaming, clapping, and bewildered.

And to the Theresa’s out there: I love you, I love you, I love you. You are not alone. You are beautiful and worthy of love and happiness and joy and success! May my storyline over the next six months inspire you.” – Jen Lilley

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Jen is a presenter at this year’s Daytime Emmys taking place on May 1. Her “DAYS” co-stars Camila Banus (Gabi) and Billy Flynn (Chad) are also presenting. See a full list of presenters here.

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