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DOOL: 50th Anniversary Photo Book
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To commemorate its 50th anniversary, DAYS is releasing a photo book and launching a book tour in support of the release. Days of our Lives: 50 Years, by Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng, will be released on October 27, and the cast will visit New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Kansas City and Atlanta, among others. A slew of stars will be participating in the cross-country book tour, including Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Camila Banus (Gabi), Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas), Judi Evans (Adrienne), Billy Flynn (Chad), Galen Gering (Rafe), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Bill Hayes (Doug), Susan Seaforth-Hayes (Julie), Drake Hogestyn (John), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Wally Kurth (Justin), James Lastovic (Joey), Jen Lilley (Theresa), Martha Madison (Belle), Kate Mansi (Abigail), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Peggy McCay (Caroline), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Thaao Penghlis (Andre), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), James Reynolds (Abe), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Christopher Sean (Paul), Sal Stowers (Lani), Greg Vaughan (Eric) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole), as well as Meng. In a press release touting the book tour, Meng states, “As a longtime member of the Corday Productions family, it is a privilege to present this memory book. Days of our Lives: 50 Years is a collection of rare photos providing a big picture view of the show’s history while reflecting the heart and soul of the show through some of the beloved and iconic stories during the first 50 years. This is a tribute to our family of fans around the world.” (Source)

Tour Dates:

  • Los Angeles-10/25/2015 Book signing at Barnes & Noble The Grove at 2:00pm
  • Phoenix-10/26/2015 Book signing at Changing Hands at 6:30pm
  • New York-10/27/2015 Book signing at Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue at 12:00pm
  • Northvale, NJ-10/27/2015 Book signing at Books & Greetings at 6:30pm
  • Denver-10/28/2015 Book signing at Tattered Cover, Aspen Grove at 6:30pm
  • Dallas-10/29/2015 Book signing at Barnes & Noble at 6:30pm
  • Kansas City-10/30/2015 Book signing at Oak Park Mall (B&N) at 6:30pm
  • Atlanta-10/30/2015- FoxTale Book Shoppe – Location TBD at 6:30pm
  • Pigeon Forge-10/31/2015 Book signing at the Titanic Museum from 11:00am to 3:00pm

No word on which cast members will be at which signings.

Video Interview: Pure Flix Q&A
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Interview: Talent Monthly
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Jen Lilley is one of the kindest human beings around. Her glass is always full, her joyful light shines bright, and she’s just one of those people who makes you happier when you’re around them.

From Hannah Montana to Queen Esther to modern day soap operas, Jen stays busy! Plus…there’s always philanthropy, table saws, recording music, and her love of Dean Martin to keep her occupied, just in case learning 30 pages of dialogue a day isn’t enough for her.

When did you decide to become an actor?
“During the spring semester of my second year in college. I auditioned for an independent film on a whim and booked the lead female role. When I got on set, I fell in love with the crew and the movie making process from start to finish. So, naturally, I decided to learn as much as I could about acting as a career.

“I wondered why some actresses were successful when so many were not, and I deduced that the answer is most actors don’t treat acting as a business, but simply as a means to acquire fame and accolades. I’m more interested in the art of story-telling and how it affects an audience, and having a platform to talk about kindness and helping others. I set about learning as much as I could about the business of acting and approach acting as a business as much as an art form. Eight years later, I’m still loving every moment!”

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Interview: Salem Witch (TV Guide Magazine)
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There’s bad. There’s evil. There’s utterly contemptible. And then there’s Theresa Donovan. The hilarious, pint-size hellcat of NBC’s Days of Our Lives—played with loads of sex, sass and sarcasm by Jen Lilley—showed up in Salem two years ago with a rap sheet three blocks long. Theresa’s move to this sweet Middle America burg was part of her parole agreement, a last-ditch attempt to set the young conniver on the straight and narrow. And the poor townsfolk have been paying for it ever since.

“Theresa is an unapologetic mess,” Lilley says with a laugh. “I knew I was in for a wild ride when I heard the list of crimes she had committed even before she hit the screen, which included grand theft auto, cocaine possession and two cases of assault and battery. The latter is particularly amazing, seeing as I’m 5’2″ and 100 pounds wet.”

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DOOL: Same Day Re-Runs!
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Pop TV has added same day episode re-runs of Days of Our Lives to it’s line up. These episodes start Monday at 8 pm est following B&B and Y&R.

Interview: (April 2015)
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Actress Jen Lilley has an ingénue quality, flawless skin, and green pools for eyes—you literally want to dive right into them. If you do choose to dive into the pool, you won’t be wading, as this Southern lady is a person of depth, both intellectually or spiritually. Her original career goal was law, and she is well-read and varied in her interests, including baking quality desserts and restoring furniture. But for Jen acting is the calling, and seven years in Hollywood has afforded her some remarkable opportunities. She earned a turn in the Academy Award-winning feature film THE ARTIST, where she was able to express her remarkable beauty and grace.

Jen is also a comedienne with innate comic timing. She has done improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and has garnered appearances on TWO AND A HALF MEN, and iCARLY. Despite all these inherent and hard-earned assets, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She understands she is a marketable commodity on which the entertainment industry places high value.

“I always knew that whatever I did in life, whether it was to be a lawyer or whatever—I just knew I wanted to make money to give it away. And I wanted to have a platform to be able to speak to people. So acting is kind of a natural fit for that, right? Because you have this ridiculous platform where for whatever reason, I play dress up and people listen to me.”

At present, Jen gets dressed up to play Theresa Donovan, the devious drug and booze addicted vixen on NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES. DAYS is one of the last surviving soap operas on daytime television, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Jen has been a part of the cast since 2013, and has impacted critics, as well as her fans with her no-holds barred portrayal of the villainous Theresa. Because the character came off so diabolical, Jen originally had misgivings about taking on the role.

“I did the role of “Maxie Jones” on General Hospital for 11 months. Because of that I had DAYS attention. I auditioned for the role of “Jordan” and the role of “Theresa”, and they were like, which role do you like better. I thought I liked the role of Jordan better, because she’s a sweet girl. And they were like, ‘Well, we kind of wrote Theresa with you in mind.’ I said, ‘Can you spell “Theresa” for me?’ Maybe I’m reading the wrong character; this is so not my character.”

Jen has been a committed Christian since the age of 9, and is an admitted “goody two-shoes”, so taking on Theresa would definitely be a stretch.

“I just didn’t know if I wanted to play a character like that. She’s really evil; she’s slutty, and promiscuous. I just wasn’t seeing the appeal of it. So of course, I’m praying about it, and I really felt like God just kept saying, this is your role, this is your role.

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ET Online: What It’s Really Like to Work on ‘Days of Our Lives’
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“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.”

But how does that sand continue to fall through the same hourglass for five decades? After Days of Our Lives tied for Best Drama Series at the 2015 Daytime Emmys, ETonline went behind-the-scenes to find out some secrets about what it’s really like to work for the iconic soap opera.

Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Rogers) joined the cast last January, and he spoke about how he believes everyone there is hard-working.

“From the outside world looking in, it’s like, ‘Oh it’s just a soap opera.’ I think what a lot of people don’t know is how much work we actually do in a day,” the 27-year-old actor and former Price Is Right model told ETonline. “We shoot almost 150 pages of work a day. Most shows that you watch in prime time that are one-hour episodes, it takes them seven to 10 days to shoot one episode. We shoot seven and a half episodes in one week.”

But even then, there’s no typical day.

“I can be here from 7:30 in the morning to 7:00 at night. It depends,” said Wilson. “Sometimes we get really lucky and we can film multiple episodes in one day. Other times, we drag out an episode for two weeks.”

And the pressure is always on.

As Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) explained, there are no teleprompters or cue cards, and “You get one take to nail it. You have one night or maybe a few hours tops to prepare 20 scenes. You can’t drop the ball.” You can drop props though, whether you throw a drink across the room or pull a Theresa and whack John Black (played by Drake Hogestyn) with a fireplace poker.

“When I had to hit John over the head, I was terrified,” Lilley admitted. “It was a rubber fireplace poker, and there was a stunt double I had to hit. I had to full-on hit him on the head, and I felt the reverberation in my hand. It was scary.”

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Interview: Daytime Emmys – Mingle Media
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
April 26 – Daytime Emmy Awards