Screencaps for “The Olivia Experiment” and the DVD extra features have been added to the gallery.

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The Olivia Experiment: Screencaps

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I’ve added posters, stills, and various trailer screencaps for Jen’s film “The Olivia Experiment” to the gallery.

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The Olivia Experiment: Gallery Update

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One of the films Jen made a couple of years ago is finally getting released! In The Olivia Experiment Jen stars as Felisha.

The Olivia Experiment is airing three times daily at Laemmle’s “Music Hall 3” theater in Beverly Hills until August 28. Click here for times and ticket information if you’re in the area.

When it comes to romantic comedies, it’s not often to find one that jumps out as categorically different. But “The Olivia Experiment,” astutely directed by Sonja Schenk, turns the genre on its ear just enough to feel refreshingly original. (Source)

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I’ve added the first few pics from “The Olivia Experiment” Premiere with thanks to Jen (via her twitter).

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June 7 – “The Olivia Experiment” Premiere

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Catch the premiere of Jen’s new film The Olivia Experiment at Graumann’s Chinese Theater on June 7th at 7 PM. You can buy tickets here.

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