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Catch Jen tonight as Kimberly Bains in Lifetime’s tv movie “Mommy, I Didn’t Do It” at 8 est.

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Jen Lilley (Theresa, DAYS), Paige Searcy (Jade, DAYS) and Heather Tom (Katie, B&B) are shooting the Lifetime TV-movie, MOMMY, I DIDN’T DO IT. “I play the lead prosecutor from the D.A.’s office and Paige Searcy’s character is the one being prosecuted,” shares Lilley. “I met Heather Tom yesterday. We had lunch together. She’s great.” Also in the movie are Danica McKellar (THE WONDER YEARS) and Jaleel White (FAMILY MATTERS). “Yesterday was my birthday,” says Lilley. “Never in my wildest dreams as a kid did I think that I would be working with Winnie Cooper and Urkel on my birthday. It was fun!” (Source)

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