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“Days of our Lives” actress Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) appears in the November 11 episode of “The Encounter” from Pure Flix. “The Encounter” series is based on the popular movies of the same name. The series follows individual life stories and illustrates how an unexpected experience with Jesus Christ can shift lives into a new and purposeful direction.

In the episode “Just Believe,” Lilley plays Nora. Little else is known about the plot of her episode or her character at this point. Lilley talked to Pure Flix about how her faith influences her acting. “With acting you can’t really predict what you’re going to do, so to be able to trust the Lord and say, you know, I really take this serious, and I really want to represent you, because I want people to know that you are real, that this is a relationship, it’s real. And I experienced it. Being on set and organically being able to do something and bring words to life and portray a character is really special, and I attribute all that to trusting in the Lord,” says Lilley. (Source)

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Jen nabbed a guest role on ABC’s GREY’S ANATOMY, playing a character named Kara. “It was incredible to guest star GREY’S ANATOMY!” says Lilley. It’s my parents’ favorite show, so they were beyond thrilled!” Coincidentally, Lilley learned that Co-Executive Producer Andy Reaser, who was the head writer of her episode, hails from her hometown, Roanoke, VA. “I didn’t know Andy before I worked on GREY’S, but his brother-in-law, Todd O’Brien owns O’Brien’s Deli in Salem, VA,” shares Lilley.  “I grew up eating their sandwiches. My family loves the O’Briens. I’ve known them since I was 9-years-old. They even have my head shot up in their deli. It’s crazy! Andy and I had a blast laughing about the fact that we went to rival high schools. It’s rare to meet people from Virginia in this industry, but to be from the same hometown blew my mind!” Lilley’s episode airs  October 6. (Source)

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Jen Lilley is one of the kindest human beings around. Her glass is always full, her joyful light shines bright, and she’s just one of those people who makes you happier when you’re around them.

From Hannah Montana to Queen Esther to modern day soap operas, Jen stays busy! Plus…there’s always philanthropy, table saws, recording music, and her love of Dean Martin to keep her occupied, just in case learning 30 pages of dialogue a day isn’t enough for her.

When did you decide to become an actor?
“During the spring semester of my second year in college. I auditioned for an independent film on a whim and booked the lead female role. When I got on set, I fell in love with the crew and the movie making process from start to finish. So, naturally, I decided to learn as much as I could about acting as a career.

“I wondered why some actresses were successful when so many were not, and I deduced that the answer is most actors don’t treat acting as a business, but simply as a means to acquire fame and accolades. I’m more interested in the art of story-telling and how it affects an audience, and having a platform to talk about kindness and helping others. I set about learning as much as I could about the business of acting and approach acting as a business as much as an art form. Eight years later, I’m still loving every moment!”

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