Lilley has a plethora of films under her belt, including The Back-Up Bride, One Small Hitch, and The Book of Esther, and they all show her range as a talented actress. However, Turn Around Jake, which tells the story of a young man bent on success who loses everything only to discover a family he never knew he had, showcases her talents in a way DAYS fans probably can’t even imagine.

“Jessica and Theresa are so different,” Lilley says of her Turn Around Jake alter ego. “I always look to play different character types, and I think just like people, each character is unique and wonderful. I think for most actors — though I can only truly speak for myself — there’s a catharsis that happens when you become a character for any project. Through that process, I use my characters to learn about myself, and then I use that revelation to change what I can and embrace what’s good.”

In fact, the opportunity to play Jessica Henry is exactly what drew the actress to the film in the first place. “I was at Denver airport, flying back from a different film shoot… and my dear friend Mackenzie Marsh was casting the film and called me with the offer and sent me the script,” she explains. “I think Turn Around Jake is a well-rounded script, and I think Jessica Henry is a firecracker. I like playing strong women with layered vulnerability.”

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