As Lilley discovered from her time on Disaster Date, there are a few key things that a couple should agree on, such as religion, finances and children. “Children are one of the big things that you don’t talk about on a first date – and I would always bring it up on Disaster Date,” she says with a laugh. “But it is important to know. If one of you wants kids and the other one doesn’t, your relationship is probably going to end. Hopefully, you won’t have that disagreement after you’re married.”

Of course, Lilley grew up with parents who were marriage counselors, so many of this was ingrained in her since childhood. From the time she was young, her parents made sure she, along with her three siblings, knew how to talk about whatever was going on in her life. “Even though I wasn’t in a relationship, they taught me how to discuss things rather than fight through them,” she explains. “In a lot of ways, they really helped me understand conflict resolution.”

They also ensured that their daughter developed a strong sense of self-value – an indispensable quality for a girl as she’s growing up. My parents always said, “You have worth. You don’t need a boyfriend. They also taught me how to have confidence in who I am and not crush on boys so hard.”

Lilley reveals that this guided her decision making later in life, “I think every person, before they get in a relationship, should know their self-worth. Know that you’re worth having someone love you.”

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